Dolmen City, Karachi

Dolmen City, located on the southern end of Karachi on the sea coast, is a multi-purpose development consisting of the following features.

    Executive Tower  17 storied office tower
    Harbor Front - 19 storied office tower
    Shopping Mall
    Tower 1  37 storied office tower
    Tower 2  19 storied office
    Tower 2  19 storied hotel

The design of the project started in 1987, but the progress was in fits & starts. The first tower to be completed was the Executive Tower, whose air-conditioning system was commissioned in circa 2006. A temporary plant room area was built with 2 X 1000 TR chillers to serve the Executive Tower & Harbor Front.

In 2006 FND carried out a study to evaluate the use of sea-water for cooling of chiller condensers. Four options were evaluated:

    Direct use of sea-water into condensers.
    Indirect use of sea-water in condensers.
    Use of sea water cooling towers.
    Use of RO Plant to produce fresh water from sea-water.

These options were compared to use of fresh water obtained through tankers. Due to many constraints in the installation of a sea-water intake system, and the assurance of the city government that piped fresh water, at comparatively very reasonable rates, would be available to the project, the project owners decided to drop the option of using sea-water.


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