FFBL, Islamabad

This project is under design. FFBL head office building located at Islamabad is a single-tenant office building consisting of two basements, and seven office floors above ground floor level. Total building area is 155,000 sqft out of which 87,000 sqft is the air-conditioned area.  

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning) services include the following:

a)    Cooling for all office areas from ground floor to 7th floor.
b)    Heat recovery between building exhaust and outside air.
c)    Ventilation system for mechanical and electrical plant rooms.
d)    Impulse Ventilation system for car park area.
e)    Ventilation & Exhaust system for Toilets & Kitchen areas from ground floor to 7th floor.
f)    Stairwell pressurization
g)    Liftwell pressurization
h)    Smoke management system

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