Merck (Pvt.) Ltd., Quetta Co-Generation / CHP Plant

Gas engine and gas turbine will be evaluated during feasibility study for power generation. Power supply from QESCO will be stand-by, further backed up by existing diesel engines. Waste heat  from gas turbine will be in the form of 450 to 500�C exhaust gases whereas that in the case of gas engine will be in the form of 450 to 500�C exhaust gases as well as jacket water heat at 90�C. The waste heat may be used for:

�    Air-conditioning from hot water circuit of gas engine using 1-stage hot water absorption chillers. The same circuit may be used for winter heating as well.
�    Exhaust gases may be used to produced 10 bar steam in a waste heat steam generator. The produced steam may fulfill the process and (or) air-conditioning demand by using 2 stage steam absorption chiller.
�    Electrical power may be produced from exhaust gases using steam turbine running from the steam which is produced from the waste heat.
�    Further possible options will be explored during feasibility study.

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