Novatex Ltd, Waste Heat Recovery System for 8 x 1.0 MW Gas Gensets

Average operating load on gas engines is 4.2 MW. At average load condition, 6 gas engines will be operating at 70% load. The waste heat in the form of exhaust gases at 490˚C from the gas engine first pre-heat synthetic oil which is used for heating in the process. Oil enters the waste heat oil heater at a temperature of 291˚C and leaves at about 303˚C. Exhaust gases leaves the oil heater at 360˚C and have enough energy to be further captured. Therefore exhaust gases from oil heater enters in a double effect exhaust fixed absorption chiller to produce 5.6˚C chilled water. H.T circuit heat in the form of hot water at 84/74˚C is used to produce chilled water at 6.7˚C. The following are the bottom recoveries from the waste heat scheme, construction of which is under process.

    20.5 kg/S heating of synthetic oil from 291˚C to 303˚C in waste heat recovery oil heater.
    462 TR chilled water at 5.6˚C from the waste exhaust waste heat oil heater.
    472 TR chilled water at 6.7˚C from the waste heat in the form of hot water from engine H.T circuit.

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