National Medical Center, Karachi

The National Medical Centre is a 120 bed hospital housed in a four storied building, with a total covered area of approx 50,000 sft. The hospital covers a wide range of hospital facilities including Radiology, Pathology, Orthopaedics, Neurology, Trauma Centre, OTís, ICU, CCU, etc.
FND was commissioned to refurbish the complete central air-conditioning system, which was based on air-cooled reciprocating chilled water system, which was not able to provide adequate comfort levels in the hospital, nor meet code requirements of special areas, such as CCU, ICU, & OTís.
FND converted the chilled water central plant to gas operated absorption chillers (2 X 300 TR), replaced all existing AHUís with high quality AHUís suitable for hospital application, and added further FCUís in areas that had deficient air-conditioning. Special areas were provided with individual AHUís with HEPA filtration, laminar air-flow arrangement for OTís, required pressure gradients to maintain required cleanliness levels, etc. Again this project presented the challenge of retro-fitting the air-conditioning system in a running hospital, and the project has been successfully completed in 2011.

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